Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Advice on booking a wedding photographer!

The essential questions you MUST ask.
Will I get my images royalty free? 
(if you don’t and they charge extra, take the extra cost into account when budgeting. And make sure you get good resolution images (about 7-18 MB each image)

How long will it take to get my wedding albums? 
(I know some clients who had to wait 6 months to get there albums! Make sure you lock them down to a time duration in writing before giving the deposit).

What camera should the photographer use?
Make a note of the answer and Google it when you get home, if it costs less than £1000, they may not be as professional as they claim.

Can I see an example wedding gallery/album?
Make sure you see ALL the images from one of their weddings. Some photographers may just show you the ‘best’ photos from numerous weddings. You can only really tell how good the photographer is when you see the entire work from one wedding

How much image editing do you do?
Make sure they know you may ask them to turn some images black and white, have some images in color and black and white on the same page etc. If you don’t confirm this at the consultation they may hit you with an editing fee later.

How to get more for your money
1) If your wedding is during the week ask for about a 10% discount, generally they wont get another weekday booking and  are highly likely to give you a reduction
2) Ask for a reduction! It sounds simple, but don’t worry about being pushy, if you don’t ask you don’t get!
3) Do your best to get rapport with them, if they like you they are much more likely to ‘do you a deal’
4) If you know of any friends who are getting married, suggest you could recommend them to the photographer. (many photographers give free canvases or services for this)
5) If your wedding is all in one place (prep, ceremony and reception) ask for a discount. (this set up makes the photographers life and car fuel bill a lot easier and they will be more inclined to want your work as it will be an easier than normal day for them)


The wedding day is your day, choose a photographer you genuinely like and have rapport with, even if they are more expensive. I have witnessed many photographers being too assertive, or others not having the best social skills and upsetting guests. The photographer is KEY to your day running smoothly, get one who is not only experienced but socially adept. 

If you don’t like posing, don’t ask for to many group photos. The more groups you want the longer they will take to shoot and the more bored your guests become! I generally keep the group photos to around 12-16. More than that can drag on.

Ask to see an on-line proof of your wedding album before they print it, especially if it is a ‘photo book’. This can save a lot of time and effort later with a re-print!

And the last thing, get the photographer to send you a list of their included services, and time durations. This will give you proof of what you are getting and you can refer back to it if any trouble arises. 

If possible try and get a husband and wife team, two photographers will really make a difference on the day and generally they are not much more expensive than getting one photographer.

I wish you well with booking a wedding photographer and much happiness for your wedding!

Rudi Kennard

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